Leather and Suede Stain and Water Repellent Spray Mi Woollies

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Looking after and protecting your Sheepskin Products is easy with Mi Woollies environmentally friendly Stain & Water Repellent.

As a preventative measure we recommend spraying the outwards facing skin side of your sheepskin products with our Stain & Water Repellent. Simply spray an even coating of this environmentally friendy, solvent free repellent onto the item, leave to dry and you you are protected! Treated sheepskin is a lot more stain resistant than non treated sheepskin and consequently dirt will have less of a chance of sticking.

We recommend the application of our Stain and Water Repellent while your sheepskin purchase is still new and unmarked. This will form a protective layer on the skin and assist in the prevention of stains caused by water and the odd accident. It will also prevent mildew forming. Stain & Water Repellent should be re-applied every 3 months or after washing.


  • Environmentally friendy, solvent free repellent
  • Volume 100mls
  • New Zealand made

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